A word from sponsored rider Marisa Whant :-

This year the PPH team will be spending the next 9 months focusing on our training.

We are hoping to consolidate and refine our skills, increase our fitness and get training and guidance from some of the countries best athletes. With all our pooled and saved resources from this year we plan to next year take a team of two to state and national dressage in 2018.

Gotico Park Maresca is learning some of the harder movements this year, hoping to establish ourselves at medium/advanced by the beginning of next year. She finds the flying changes fun which is a great start but is still not so keen on leaving her friends at shows. So we will be taking her to some miscellaneous local events through the year to practice being brave.

We also have two foals on the ground by our beautiful stallion smash hit. I will be focusing this year on them getting the best start to life possible.

A word from Anna:-

Its really interesting to work with a yard for a long period of time as see the development of the horses as they progress through training. The different characters play a huge part in how I work on each horse. I believe it is very important to take all of this into account when performing their massages, Marisa has mentioned the step up in GP Marescas work, from a massage point of view this is a very important thing to let your bodyworker know about, this advancement in her work means an introduction to much more lateral work, extension and  collection all at a higher level than has been asked of her in the past and as such it will be obvious in her muscle that more is being asked of her. Mary as she is lovingly known at home, is a real character, and it has taken her a long time to accept me as part of her team, she has always enjoyed her massage but to me she is a “cat” rather than a “dog”, do you know what I mean by that? We do things on her terms, I ask her permission to do work, she watches my every move and if I forget myself and do something that wasn’t discussed I get the look! Now that’s not to say that we shouldn’t always ask permission to work on each client, but some are “dogs” and will just let you do anything because you are a human and you know best, others like Mary like to have some input into their bodywork.

So we will be working this year on keeping the PPH team fit and supple so they can progress in their training regime and perform at an optimum level.


Anna Ford | Epona Equine Massage

Marisa Whant |Epona Equine Massage

Marisa Whant | Epona Equine Massage




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