December 16, 2015


I developed a passion for horses at an early age and became interested in their health and well being.

My past experience has been as:

  • BHS riding instructor ( Pewsey Vale Riding School(UK) Samarai Park (Aus)
  • Paddock groom and work rider (racing)
  • Breaker (racing and event horses)
  • Groom and exercise rider for Argentinian high goal polo player Milo Fernandez-Arauco at Beaufort Polo Club (UK)
  • Yearling prep groom at Stratford Place Stud (UK) Redhill (Aus) Newhaven Park (Aus) attending the Highfliers sales (UK) Easter sales (Aus) and Magic Millions (Aus)
  • Work rider, pre training (racing)
  • Working with and handling/riding Stallions at Sporting Horse Stud (UK)
  • Foaling down, foal handling and yearling education (Sporting Horse Stud (uk) Stratford Place Stud (UK) Redhill (AUS) Newhaven (Aus) and Tanja Park Stud (Aus)

With an ongoing interest for the horse as an athlete I qualified in:

  • Massage and Bodywork (EEBW)
  • Laser Therapy (Spectravet)
  • Redlight Therapy (ERLT)
  • Kinesiology Taping (Rocktape)
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage

Today I run a successful business on the far south coast of NSW just out of Bega as an equine bodyworker and human massage therapist, as well as devoting time each day to work at Tanja Park Stud handling TB foals and yearlings before they leave for sales prep.

I believe my love of equine biomechanics along with my former training in riding instruction and human anatomy gives me an ability to look at the problem your horse may be experiencing through multiple eyes.  Often what appears to be a  muscular issue can be a secondary problem caused by training methods or a rider who is disproportionate. When we can work out the problem, once again harmony and balance prevail.