November 15, 2015


Spectravet Laser | Epona Equine Massage
SpectraVet laser therapy gives a very effective way of treating injuries, wounds, surgical incisions, fractures, neurological conditions, inflammation, acute pain and tendon injuries without the use of drugs.

Whether your horse has an acute injury or is simply tired and sore from its training regime SpectraVet can help get them back to their full potential quicker.

Widely researched and clinically proven with the support of many vets and professional riders, SpectraVet is the secret weapon behind many a winning team.

Laser is a safe non invasive treatment that reduces inflammation and has pain relieving benefits equal to that of NSAIDs without the side effects often experienced by them.

Laser Therapy helps with wound healing and the repair of both tissue and bone, increases immune response and assists with nerve regeneration.

Your horses overall well being can be increased by using the laser on acupuncture points without the risk of skin penetration and possible infection associated with needles.

SpectraVet laser is a wonderful tool and continues to amaze me daily with the responses I see from horses towards it.

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