DSC_0555So my day consists of many things, but each day begins with my other job!

Each weekday morning I work for two hours for Tanja Park Stud, they are a small boutique stud on the far south coast who produce top quality thoroughbreds for the racing industry.  This is nothing new to me I have worked in many different studs helping to produce youngstock.

So my mornings start with the feeding of the broodmares,These girls are treated like gold, and so they should be, without them there is no stud!

So mums and Babies come in and are fed and handled, the foals learn to be led, groomed, tied up and have their feet picked out. I guess it’s a little like pre school.  Once they are weaned they continue to come in and are taught more of the same, we start to incorporate pre sales prep things like how to stand up to be inspected and going on the float,  this is also an important time to establish ground rules, especially with the colts on nipping and general argy bargy, though if you have done your groundwork properly this should not be too much of an issue. I love this time with them.

The broodmares who don’t have foals at foot are fed and checked over for any injuries.

Through the season mares come and go as they are sent away to be covered, some will foal at home and others will foal away, this is purely dependant on whether they are early or late to foal and whether they are being re covered or left empty. So there may be foal watching duties which include overnight stays checking the mare every hour or so to see if the foal is immanent.

I have been working with youngsters for over 20 years and it never becomes boring, each horse is different and brings with it a whole bag of different lessons to be learnt.

This is just another side of my wonderful work day.

Anna Ford

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