So the start of the season was a busy at Pambula Performance Horses.

Gotico Park Estralo (Olly) went to Bungendore Show and came away with:

  • First in Led Andalusian
  • First Ridden Andalusian
  • Champion ridden Part bred Andalusian
  • Supreme champion Andalusian

Marisa Whant | Epona Equine MassageWhilst at home he had been doing dressage training, concentrating on establishing laterals and building his strength and fitness as part of his campaign to go to State and Nationals this season.

As his bodyworker I have spent time supporting him through this transition, young horses will often present with a lot of neck and shoulder discomfort when they are first asked to work in a consistent frame, the hind end can become tense and sore due to being the powerhouse, and creating the forward impulsion, often accentuated by being asked to sit back on their hocks.

Olly has also been doing a lot of lateral groundwork, and needs  his massage and laser work to minimise any discomfort, that this creates during the early days of training, not unlike how you feel when you have done a little more than normal at the gym, at no point do we want him to be asked for a movement and for it to hurt, due to him being muscularly fatigued.

So Olly has had regular treatments to keep him supple and flexible, during this time, lots of laser to release the acupuncture points, followed by deep tissue massage and stretching.

Marisa Whant | Epona Equine MassageSmash Hit (Sandy) has just wrapped up a very successful breeding season and is now gearing up for an exciting competition season.  His body needed unwinding after his breeding season. It is a very exhausting time of the year for stallions, their hormones never really let them relax and as such there body is in a constant state of flight or fright. It’s quite amazing to see how they change in shape during breeding as they are asked to use their bodies in a very different way! with a lot of time spent on two legs rather than four and the gluteal muscles and hamstrings asked to work very hard. Much of Sandy’s work is to try and get him to switch off at this time of year, we have to set the scene, much like a day spa to achieve the results we need this means all ladies need to be out of sight and smell and everything needs to be very laid back. Sandy loves his massage but he loves the ladies more!! So now that the mares are starting to stop cycling or are pregnant,he will step up his dressage training.

In amongst all this Marisa and Sandy did a photoshoot with local photographer Phill Small some of his shots can be seen here or to see the whole portfolio go to

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