I bought one of these saddles this year and am really happy with it. They have a totally different fitting system and i am blown away by how much better my horse moves in it.

The science of it really interests me and it’s much more like the saddles i grew up in, that require you to ride rather than be held in by blocks and knee rolls.

Natasha was very professional and lent me her brand new saddle for an extended period so i could make a choice, at no point did i feel pressured to purchase anything.

Why a strada saddle??

Hi my name is Natasha. My story is not unique. As a considerate and dedicated horse owner, like yourselves, I have spend some time and lots of money searching for the perfect saddle. After hours of research and seeking professional opinions I finally reached the conclusion the saddle I had purchased for my horse actually didn’t fit. I am afraid to admit that this was not the first time this had happened to me. Frustration and desperation lead me to find Strada Saddles.

Finally a saddle company that sold a variety of saddles to meet a variety of shapes. A saddle that would fit for life and more importantly not require regular “fitting”. This saddle is so revolutionary in its design. It’s like a treeless saddle but with a tree. First the rails of the saddle are designed to match the shape of the rib cage and the shape of the wither. The tree is designed to be flexible and set behind the shoulder blade giving the horse maximum freedom.

The panels are made of a very special gel that heats up to match the horse’s body temperature. The heat is taken away from the back and in no time the saddle panel feels like a muscle itself. (It is not memory foam) As a nurse I appreciated that this product was designed for bedridden patients with very sensitive skin with a massive potential to ulcerate. So it is the best surface for my horses’s back.

The saddle’s ability to mould around the horse meant that the 2 horses I had with the same body shape could use the same saddle as it moulded to uniquely fit each horse. Bonus.

The seat is designed to meet the horse’s centre of gravity and place the rider at the same place, making riding so effortless. Most rider’s first comment is “I can feel my horse’s so much more” and “I feel so balanced”

If you have exhausted all your options and are at your wits end then I might have the answer. Especially for wide barrelled horses. Most saddles are designed with an A shaped tree frame with panels modelled to fit a wide horse. Strada saddles have a wide shaped frame. The other unique feature of the saddle’s design; the panels are made directly under the tree so the surface area and pressure area are optimal areas.

The leather is English and the craftsmanship is beautiful.

So the long and short of this story I loved the saddle so much I asked to be their distributor. Once I have done a fitting you are welcome to trial the saddle for a
minimum of 2 weeks any longer is definitely negotiable. What have you got to lose? If you are about to purchase a new saddle why not give this a go before you make a definite decision. It will definitely give you a different feel to anything else on the market. And then you know you have exhausted all avenues.

My contact number is 0410 716 344.

Anna Ford | Epona Equine Massage

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