In 2012 my TB gelding Boo sustained a cut to his hind leg just below the stifle. Though at the time we had no idea what he’d done, it was later discovered that he had cut it on an old piece of rusty wire around a tree in his paddock. The vet attended and Boo received 5 days of penicillin and 2 days of bute, the wound was stitched but the vet was concerned that he would end up with a fairly big scar.

The next day the hindleg was very swollen, I started ERLT therapy that day. Boo was treated using the essential points from traditional chinese medicine and with “surround the dragon” a method used to surround the wounded area providing analgesia and reducing tissue oedema and inflammation.  This was kept up for the first 3 days, I then had to go away for 4 days and so he was not treated with light, during this time at 7 days the wound broke down and the stitches had to be removed. On returning I treated the wound every second day, the wound continued to heal and at 16 days post injury I stopped treatment and by 19 days it was completely healed.

Obviously the main change was that it went from an open wound to a closed wound. I also saw a big change in his movement and the swelling.  At the start of treatment he could hardly walk he was very swollen in his leg, he then became very sore through the back due to the way he was moving.

I was amazed by how quickly his wound changed from a dirty pussy cut to a sealed wound and then a scar free area.   

The main outcomes were:

  •       Reduced swelling
  •       Improved blood flow to edges of the wound
  •       Fast regrowth of hair
  •       Improved ROM

My conclusions would be that the use of ERLT improved the speed by which the wound healed, it made the pain more bearable once he was off pain relief and it left the area with very little if no scar.  I may add that the vet did say it would scar, and he didn’t.

I also believe from past experience that the edema would have been a lot worse, when using the light you could see the fluid moving away.






Anna Ford

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