Though it is not as common today as in years gone by, we still come across wire injuries on properties where there are cattle or as in this case, an old fence line that the present renters didn’t know existed and as the water levels dropped in drought times became accessible by the horses whilst grazing on a floodplain.

This horse was lasered 3 times in the first week after the injury occurred, then twice in the second week, though the injuries were not deep, the horse had sustained quite a bit of swelling to the legs and what appeared to be blistering to the neck area, which we believe to possibly be the after effect of thrashing in dirty water, as he was tangled for a while before the owners found him.

The laser as always was very effective in reducing pain and assisting in much faster healing of the wounds, whilst also giving the desired effect of reducing scarring too.

I should also point out all these injuries only improve this well when vigilant owners follow up between visits with suggested aftercare and tender loving care. This guy was lucky enough to have a doting teenager applying hugs and kisses.

Picture one shows a few days after the injury, the neck was very tender and split, and the legs were quite swollen, the cut to the back of the leg on the tendon was quite deep.

Two days later the neck starts to peel and ooze, legs have started to heal. Swelling still apparent.

Neck has started to heal, inflammation has reduced, leg cuts much cleaner closing nicely, swelling starting to reduce.

Picture 4. All cuts are now closed, swelling has reduced, hair starting to return to the neck area.

Anna Ford | Epona Equine Massage

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